Sunday, 8 June 2014

What's This All About Then?

Welcome to what I hope will be an interesting and entertaining trip to Dark Age Brittania, and in particular my journey into the world of Dux Bellorum!

My love of 6mm wargames began when I realised that I could actually paint figures small enough to look like they were having real battles, not skirmishes with a handful of men per side. In fact, my ability to paint 6mm is now far better than my ability to paint anything larger, so there’s no going back!

MAE1 Class I Spearmen (Hoplites)
MAE4 Cavalry
MAE2 Class IV Spearmen (Auxiliaries)
MAE3 Javelins & Bows (Skirmishers)
The General leads a column of cavalry!
MAE6 Class II & III Spearmen
MAG11 (Converted) Light Cavalry
MAR16, 17, or 18 (!) Late Era Heavy Infantry

Having spent years fighting in mythical Etruscan civil wars, and later Celtic invasions of northern Italy, I fancied a change, and something closer to home.

Given that my home is less than two miles from the Lunt Fort, something involving the Roman presence in England seemed like a good idea. As is often the way, googling led from one thing to another, until I came across this, and I knew my search was over!


Beautifully produced rules with simple to follow mechanics and a wide array of interestingly different forces -  I really can’t wait to get started. It is at this point, however, that I realise how little I know about my new period, and so another ‘visit’ to Amazon is required…

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