Friday, 13 June 2014

Really Vague Book Review

The books have arrived, the troops have arrived...and instead of starting work I've started reading.

You could call it poor prioritisation - but the first book I've started has really given me a feel for the post apocalyptic style desolation that was Dark Age Britannia following the departure of the empire.

Britain After Rome, by Robin Fleming, covers a massive 600 years of history, but the first three chapters have already got me hooked despite the non-military focus of the book. Robin Fleming really gives you the feel of a desolate and depressed world, the rapid decline of Roman civilisation, and the exodus from crumbling, villa based towns as people re-formed communities in old places of safety such as abandoned hill forts.
Not by any stretch of the imagination a military history, but I already feel like I know the dark ages and have a feel for it's atmosphere. More to follow when I've delved into the other two - Warlords by Stuart Laycock looks particularly promising.
Next up, thoughts on basing, and hopefully some close ups of the new recruits...


  1. Can I suggest another book for you to read regarding the period. It's "worlds of Arthur" by Guy Halsall medieval historian, scholar and wargamer. His view lies a little further to the "less decay than we think" viewpoint. ie. somewhere between the views of the authors you have there and Richard Prior who believes the dark ages weren't dark at all. (Interesting point of view well worth examining) . To get a feel for Halsall rather than just splashing out on the book check out his website at It's worth pointing out that Halsall doesn't support Arthurs existence or deny he existed so don't be put off by the title. I also game this period with DB in 10mm if your interested see I have around 4 armies completed.

    1. oops my mistake that should be Francis pryor not richard prior. I'm getting old I guess :)

  2. Haha - I did wonder! Funny as he is, Richard Prior isn't known for his Dark Age knowledge, right? I''ll definitely look at Francis's book though, Warlords has given me some great scenario and campaign ideas, but it's let down by (IMO) lack of chronological info and geographical cross referencing to modern day/well known locations (so I don't have to keep googling places such as Wallop to see what part of the country we're in)
    Great blog and great looking armies - I'm afraid I may be pestering you for 'uniform' (ie armour and fabric colour) info over the next few weeks. Thanks for the positive feedback, appreciated!