Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Tribal Issues

I'm pretty sure I said something like 'minimal research required' because of the small number of units and existing army lists?
First read through of Warlords has revealed a very tribal nature to post-Roman Britannia, which actually seems to be pretty much unchanged since the pre-invasion days.
So now I'm thinking my Romano British army needs at least one, maybe a couple, of what I'm going to call Tribal Militias. Using Dan's army lists I'm going to class them as 'Warrior' ally  units to reflect their un-reconstructed method of warband-style fighting.
Fortunately I happen to have some un-painted Gaulish infantry and cavalry (H&R MAF1 and MAF2) lying around the war room (who hasn't, right?) and a quick inspection of these boys suggests they'll be perfect for how I picture the tribal militia looking!

(A few members of the newly formed tribal militia - I'm going to paint something soon, honestly!)

On another subject, I've been looking for a map of Dark Age Britannia I can pin to the war room wall, but the only one of been able to find so far comes with TFL's Dux Britanniarium - I'm hoping to unearth another source, so any suggestions would be most welcome!

I'm off to Malta for a few days tomorrow, so the project is on very temporary hold, but hopefully I'll have lots of reading time while I'm away...

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