Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Missing In Action

Just a quick post to report on, erm, negative progress.
Yes, the opposite of progress has occurred. Originally it was little to no progress, due to the arrival of a new dog in the house, Summer.
Painting time has temporarily given way to dog training time, so no progress was being made other than plans being formulated for future armies whilst engaged in various Summer related activities.

So things were proceeding slowly, or not at all, but I wasn't too unhappy until a Grendel type attack on my Shieldwall by the beast!

Before and after pictures of the unprovoked attack on my brave troops can be seen below...

The shieldwall awaiting further painting.

The aftermath of the attack...

The bodies you can see were the only ones I found, four of their comrades are still missing, presumed, erm, eaten...Where is Beowulf when you need him?!

The beast, dreaming of another attack...

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