Friday, 11 July 2014

More Progress

Rather than bore you with pics of undercoated infantry (don't worry, you'll be bored with pics of undercoated infantry in a future post) I thought I'd show you the cavalry arm of my first Dux Bellorum army, ready for undercoating!

As always, H&R figure codes shown below the pics, and notes regarding modifications and any other relevant comments. As with the infantry, these fellows are going to be densely based, except in the case of the mounted skirmishers, obviously.

Speaking of mounted skirmishers, some of you may have noticed my schoolboy error of having bow armed rather than javelin armed figures as per the army lists - in my defence, your honour, it's the Dark Ages, anything is possible...especially in this army!

Mounted Companions (MAR27)

...from the other side (MAR27)

Not 100% historically accurate, but if I field an Arthurian army, I'm going to have some KNIGHTS!

Ordinary Riders (MAR20)

...from the other side (MAR20)

Mounted Skirmishers (MAR24)

Noble Riders (MAR11)
With the exception of the companions, all of the cavalry have a random selection of crested and uncrested helmets (again, courtesy of myself and Stanley) to give a less uniformed and more 'Britannic' look to the army - hopefully this effect will be revealed in all it's glory upon painting completion!

OT, but this post was delayed by the ridiculous amount of tine it took me to get the captions, pictires and text in the right place - hence the still, to my mind. messy layout of this post...GRRR!!

If any other blogspotters have some advice for me it would be greatly appreciated!

Painting pics on their way - but don't hold your breath.

Have a good weekend, comrades!

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